Balzie's Philosophy

I always tend to like the games that are more open and free for different outcomes than the dictated play styles. With Balzie the cat we have tried to achieve it and the good feedback we got so far made me know so. In the midst of our more and more complex lives, Balzie the cat comes for rescue to show that no matter how much you want to control the outcomes, still the luck,chance and other factors affect our goals. This is the very core idea for Balzie the cat and its philosophy which made us create this game in such a way.


Our Story

The idea of Balzie the cat came very unexpectedly, that is while watching a TV show. It's interesting because I was more busy with writing a book that I was intended to finish for my own pleasure, my day job (construction) and things between we have in our lives than starting on a game project..

My writings being mostly about spiritual nature, I took this as a spiritual thought and worked up on the idea that ''how much control we have in our lives?" and mixed it with some games I have played before.(Such as Who got the king?) We started to play this game without a name and without organ parts/point system; a much simpler form than how it is now. After trying this mix with some of my friends, we had so much fun and I added organ parts and the point system. Not long after some of them suggested that I should do a Kickstarter campaign and share this game with others. I took up the challenge and having no design skills of my own, met and teamed up with a very talented artist, Sharon. She did an amazing work in creating the art design part of the game as well as cooperating in the creation process with other aspects to improve the overall game quality. So here we are with my first time Kickstarter project!

Meet us

Here is team Balzie the cat, small in numbers yet effective in action.


Emre C. Ozdemir


Emre, a biology drop-out with a finance diploma from Centennial College, works in high rise construction industry in Toronto. He likes trying new things, exploring new cultures and meeting new people.


Sharon Graham

Art Director

Sharon is a designer & illustrator based out of Western Massachusetts that has been designing professionally for over 15 years and still loves every moment of it. In her down time she creates fun vibrant illustrations for her red bubble store, shows off her firebird (Effie) at car shows and reads any book she can get her hands on.

Your turn...

Now that you also met us, it's your turn to support us in our Kickstarter campaign to successfully bring Balzie the cat into our lives! Mucho obligado!