Practice Mind Reading Skills

Whenever you pick a card from other players, use your mind reading skills to get whatever you need and to stay away from the balls! Find out the Hannibal of the group!

Perfect union of strategy and luck

With many different strategies to follow, it offers a great fun game play with added luck factor unlike games with dictated-outcome.

Whenever and Whereever

Have fun with your friends at home, school, park or whereever you happen to be; it's also a great game for having some laughs at the office!

Quality 310 gsm art paper!

310 gsm top quality-environment friendly art paper will be used in making the game cards, including the game box! So your cards will stay the same quality after tons of fun, you just focus on the game to keep the balls away!

Balzie Mockup 4_Kickstarter Size

Idea and the design

Balzie the cat has been created in Canada by a painter called Emre, and the art design has been done in the USA by an artist called Sharon.

Game play overview

Balzie the cat is a card picking game that's played best between 2 to 8 people. The main goal of the game is to pick Balzie's shattered parts together to make him whole again. It has 14 organs in total. Every organ has a 4-lost-piece, except special eyes which has 2 and the penalty card which is ''balls'' -one piece

For each organ the player has the following paths to folow in every round;

*A risky and challenging one for the risk-lovers which gives the highest point of the game. If you gather any 4 missing parts of the same organ, you get +4 points.

*Bonus organ, eyes. If you get 2 missing parts of the eyes you get +1 point.

*A neutral one that is safe. Any 2 missing parts of the same organ gets you 0 point.

*The balls (penalty card). Who ever ends up with the "balls" at the end of the round gets -2 points.

Now, combining these available strategies to finish each round creates an immensely exciting game play between players. Because there is the fact of your strategy, focus plus the factor of luck. You pick a card from someone and someone picks a card from you while trying to read the faces to stay away from the ''balls'' is absolute refreshed fun for each round and each game. This is why we called it "" because you'll never run out of fun with Balzie the cat, no matter how many times you play it with your friends, family or colleagues at the office.

Even though simplicity is what we aimed to achieve in designing this game and humbly brag about it, still we'd like to say that it's not that simple; just like any gambler you know would say that. Because of the tons of different outcomes we have mentioned before.

Balzie the cat is ready to be served to make the peoples' lives better with one laugh at a time while having fun playing. The game is ready, structure from manufacturing to shipment is ready and it just waits for your support to be made available. We are going to launch our Kickstarter campaign soon. Show us your love and support to bring Balzie the cat into our lives.


Your Turn...

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